Samsung seeking ban on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod sales

Complaint filed to impose US ban on Apple product sales

The Apple and Samsung legal battle rages on as the Korean manufacturer attempts to ban sales of Apple products including the iPhone, iPad and iPod in the US, in a complaint made by Samsung to the US International Trade Commission (ITC)

The ongoing patent and trademark infringement lawsuit between Samsung and Apple took another twist today as the Galaxy S2 makers filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) to ban sales of Apple products in the US.

Samsung has additionally filed another lawsuit in the US, which alleges that the Cupertino company has also violated a patent Samsung holds on telecommunications technology. This has also been extended to the UK and Italy, with additional patent suits possibly to be filed in other European countries.

The two companies have been fighting it out in the courts since April this year when Apple sued Samsung for 'copying' the iPhone and iPad. Apple were granted access to unreleased kit such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy 10.1 at which point the Korean manufacturer demanded to see models of the upcoming iPad 3 and iPhone 5 models.

Apple already has a working relationship with Samsung with regards to components for key iOS products, and while Apple execs have said the relationship will continue, Samsung have declined to comment on whether the partnership will still exist as a result of this legal dispute.

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