Samsung in S4 storage-gate scandal

Buyers of the base model have found more than 50 per cent of advertised 16GB capacity isn't available due to system data.

Buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S4 base model have found that more than half of the advertised 16GB storage capacity is taken up by Android and Samsung's own bloatware.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 arrived in the hands of (some) UK buyers last week.

It is normal for some of the advertised storage space in a phone or computer to be used for system data. However, the ratio seen in the 16GB model of the Galaxy S4 is a new record.

The HTC One uses up around 1GB less on average than the S4, while the iPhone typically uses 4GB.

Only Microsoft's Windows 8 tablet, the 64GB Surface Pro beats Samsung in the silliness stakes. Out of the advertised 64GB capacity, owners can only use around about 23GB – less than 36 per cent of the advertised capacity.

Aside from Android, most of the capacity is used by Samsung's much vaunted features.

Those include eye tracking, air gestures, universal remote, voice commands, S Health, S Travel, amongst others.

Commentators have lambasted some of these as gimmicky and unnecessary. Unfortunately for S4 buyers, it isn't possible to pick the ones you want to keep and uninstall the rest.

Even worse for those that bought the base model is that the crapware often installed by operators reduces the available space even further.

It is possible to expand the capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S4 using MicroSD cards.

However, some unhappy owners have called on it to be more honest with the amount of space they will actually be able to use out of the box.