Pocket Hipster app slates your music, recommends better

Have your music tastes sneered at by cartoon cool cats

If you can stomach the hipsters, you may discover some new super-cool artists.

The term 'Hipster' has become a dirty word in recent times, and with good reason. They're always lurking around smoking roll-ups in funky hats, obnoxious spectacles and stupid shoes, keen to let you know just how rubbish everything you like is.

So why would you want one on your iPhone, criticising your musical selections? Well a new app for the Apple smartphone does just that, in the most insulting fashion possible.

The Pocket Hipster app actively slaughters your musical selections and tries to guide you to a better aural experience; usually a rubbish indie band with wispy beards. It's certainly a new spin on 'You like this, so you'll probably like this too' radio apps like Pandora.

The Hipster app features one male and one female Hipser who will comment on your selection with remarks like: "If your taste in music was an animal, it would be a one-winged pigeon with a gammy leg."

The 59p app will then serve up links to alternate options, through streams and iTunes buy links. Unfortunately there's no Talking Tom Cat-style option to give the hipsters a good slap for their troubles next time they call you out on listening to Bon Jovi.

What next? Hipsters criticising your gallery shots and recommending retro polaroid camera apps?

Link: Guardian