New Facebook profile page unveiled

New-look homepage for photos and featured friends

Updated page unveiled this weekend.

Facebook has pulled the wrappers off of its new look profile pages, bringing photos to the fore and including a slew of new features to keep you addicted to the social network.

Recently tagged snaps of you now appear across the top of the page, so there’s no escaping any embarrassing pics unless you untag them or upload some more to cover your tracks.

Info is also now more obvious, with visual rather than text links showing your favourite albums, movies and bands. What’s more, there’s a new ‘featured friends’ section on the right hand side which integrates the newly minted friends function. That means you can easily manage lists and categorise your pals. So everyone from ‘family’ to ‘no-marks from school you like to boast to’.

The new Facebook profile page is rolling out now. Hit our own Facebook page to tell us what you think. And watch the clip below to see more on how it works.