Microsoft: buy Kinect this week if you want it for Christmas

Exec warns of shortages as demand grows

Don Mattrick says if you want Kinect, you'd better be fast.

Kinect is already doing the business, shifting a million in the space of just ten days, with the Big M claiming it’s well on track to break the five million barrier in the run up to Christmas. But if you want to lay your hands on one for the big day, you’d better be quick.

See, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick reckons that you’ll need to have ordered Kinect “by the end of this week” to stand any chance of having one wired up to your Xbox 360 for 25 Decemvber. Mattrick was speaking at the Web 2.0 summit, where he said he wasn’t just talking bluster in order to drive up sales.

Kinect’s popularity is undoubted, and if it continues at this rate, Microsoft can be confident that they’ll slap down Sony’s Move effort in the battle for motion control supremacy.

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Via TechCrunch