Microsoft Kinect-like hardware coming to PC

Motion-tracking sensors for computers inbound

Kinect developer says that "games are just the start" for Kinect sensor.

The Minority Report, gesture-controlled PC of the future is inching closer, as Tamir Berliner - one of the founders of PrimeSense, the developers of Microsoft's Kinect motion-tracking peripheral - announced that the company is selling development versions of the technology to other developers.

Following some already impressive hacks, incluing an air guitar mod, gesture control for web browsing and, ahem, some more adult-orientated efforts, PrimeSense are making the code which controls the sensor open source, allowing developers to use the device however they please.

"It will all be open source so you can take it and port it to any device", says Berliner. "When we founded the company we set out to change the computer industry with movement games, but we did not have the Wii to prove us right. Now we see that computer games are just the start."

The first company after Microsoft to license the technology is Asus, whose own Kinect-a-like called the Xtion lets users browse their PCs media files with hand gestures.

Via: BBC