Is LG producing an ultra thin display for iPhone 5?

Final clues that the Apple iPhone 5 will be arriving soon

While Apple and Samsung are battling it out in court Apple appears to have turned to screen manufacturer rival LG for their iPhone 5 displays

LG Display has begun mass production of a super thin 4-inch display, with much speculation that it will be for Apple’s next iPhone

The new screen is reportedly 4 inches corner to corner, making it wider than the traditional 3.5-inch iPhone display - and a move towards the larger screens seen on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S III. However, sources claim it will also have an in-cell panel that eliminates the need for the touch-screen layer, making for a thinner formfactor.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, LG Display’s chief executive Han Sang-beom said: “We just began mass production and we don’t expect any disruption in supplies".

September 12 is the date when Apple is expected to officially unveil the new iPhone, and the timing of LGD putting these screens into production seems like no coincidence.

Via Reuters