iRiver Wi-Fi Story e-reader announced

Wi-Fi enabled e-reader costs twice as much as the Kindle

The iRiver Wi-Fi Story e-reader has been announced in the UK today for a price of £250.

Another e-book reader enters the market with the iRiver Wi-Fi Story announced in partnership with WHSmith's online e-book store.

Obviously - as the name suggests - the iRiver Wi-Fi story has Wi-Fi connectivity and enables readers to download books from the WHSmith's e-book store when out and about.

The question is, with tablet PCs and other e-readers already hogging the market, will the iRiver Wi-Fi Story make a mark? With the basic Kindle costing half the iRiver Wi-Fi Story, this new entrant might very well be the victim of over-pricing.

With 2GB of internal memory (and the capacity for upto 32GB external memory), a 6" display, a battery charge that gives up to 9000 page views and thickness of just under 10mm, portability seems to be its keyword from the start.

However, we do have one little gripe: it only renders e-books in 16 levels of grey, which would ordinarily be acceptable but this just makes the comic book viewer mode less than it could have been. Think how it might be to read about Deadpool's latest in grey.

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The e-reader supports formats like EPUB, PDF, TXT, FB2 and DJVU along with support for Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

Apart from its e-reader function, the iRiver Wi-Fi Story hosts a QWERTY keyboard and supports MP3, WMA and OGG music playback and its microphone allows for recording of voice notes in MP3 format.

The iRiver Wi-Fi story will be soon be available for £250.

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