iPhone 5 to feature 'smaller and thinner' form factor

Orange CEO outs details on the iPhone 5's specs

"Smaller and thinner" iPhone 5 to host new smaller SIM card

The Apple iPhone 5 is to land with a “smaller and thinner” form factor and a SIM card that is even smaller than the micro-SIM found in the iPhone 4 Stephane Richard, CEO of France Telecom has revealed.

Apple iPhone 5 video

Richard, the head of France Telecom, the company that owns network provider Orange, leaked the information on the upcoming iPhone 5 in an interview with tech blog All Things D stating that retailers and networks have worked closely with Apple to develop the new smaller SIM card.

Having compromised on a small SIM Richard claims that Apple wanted to do away with the physical SIM altogether instead opting for a virtual SIM card in order to save space. "I understood that the next iPhone would be smaller and thinner and they are definitely seeking some space," he said.

"All of us told them it was a bad idea because the SIM card is a critical piece of the security and authentication process," announced Ricard on his companies objections to Apple’s plan of introducing an E-SIM to the iPhone 5.

"This is good evidence we can work properly with Apple people, Apple teams. In that particular case, we have been able to find, I think, a good answer which is good for everyone."

With Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference set to kick off on June 6th, tradition and the company’s rigid annual product cycles would suggest Apple is to unveil the iPhone 5 within a matter of weeks despite numerous rumours suggesting the handset has been delayed until September.

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Via: AllThingsD