iPhone 5: screen will not be 4-inches

Bigger panel unlikely according to supply chain sources

Insiders reckon screen will either stay same size as iPhone 4 or get minor bump.

The iPhone 5 will not have a 4-inch screen, despite a slew of rumours and web speculation that Apple was looking to amp up the panel in order to compete with larger, flagship Android devices.

Supply chain sources, speaking with Digitimes, claim that the screen will be between 3.5 and 3.7 inches with a thinner bezel. These sources suggest that any talk of a 4-inch screen is emanating from those who want to see Apple include a larger screen.

The news follows a string of new stories about the iPhone 5 over the bank holiday weekend, with chatter about a new metal back plate and a completely new design for the top-end phone. Word is the headline-grabbing device will be joined by an 8GB iPhone 4, sold at a cheap price.

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Apple iPhone 5 video: Rumour update

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