iPhone 5 smaller 19-pin dock connector confirmed

In an interview with T3 a major audio manufacturer has confirmed its arrival

Ahead of the long awaited Apple iPhone 5 UK release date, Apple is said to be working on a 19-pin dock connector for use on the next-gen handset

The Apple iPhone 5 will have a smaller 19-pin dock connector, or at least that's according to a spokesperson from Logitech who was talking exclusively to T3.

When asked about how Logitech copes with the lack of notice given by Apple concerning hardware changes including the possibility of a new dock the representitive replied, 'We actually know this is coming, it's definitely happening.'.

The latest proprietary iPhone connection port is expected to be officially unveiled later this year alongside the long awaited Apple iPhone 5 release date with the compact 19-pin connector making enough space available for the handset’s 3.5mm headphone jack to move to the base of the device.

Elsewhere there have been reports of the dock changing but nothing concrete until now. Reuters has cited “two sources familiar with the matter” in suggesting Apple is to introduce the new docking option with the 19-pin options set to become the company’s new standard, being introduced to the iPod and iPad lines at the next refresh.

Whilst any change in docking standard would be sure to anger many Apple fans who have splashed out considerable amounts of money on compatible accessories, Canalys analyst Pete Cunningham has suggested the move “represents an opportunity for accessory vendors."

He added: "The iPhone connector has been a standard for a long time now and I would expect the same to be true for a new connector, should Apple change it as expected."

Apple iPhone 5 Rumours

Long the thing of rumour and speculation, the Apple iPhone 5 has been said to be readying for a raft of updates in recent weeks with everything from a new style dock connector to a completely re-imagined form factor reportedly lined up for inclusion.

Seemingly set to land running the WWDC unveiled iOS 6 mobile operating system, a late September unveiled has long been on the cards for the iPhone 4S replacement with an iPhone 5 release date apparently set to occur in the weeks that follow.

Elsewhere, the usual improved camera optics and speedier, Samsung Galaxy S3 rivalling quad-core processor have been repeatedly rumoured with a larger, 4-inch display and a completely overhauled design also on the works to turn the sixth-gen smartphone line up as Apple’s slimmest device to date.

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Via: Reuters