iPhone 5 rumours: Next Apple handset may sport 'widescreen' display

Speculation suggests longer aspect ratio and 640 x 1136 resolution

The next iPhone is going widescreen according to 9to5Mac. The site believes a 3.999-inch screen is in the works which will be the same width, but 176-pixels longer.

The next generation Apple iPhone 5 could appear longer and thinner, with a widescreen aspect ratio, according to new reports.

9to5Mac has received word from its sources that the company will launch the device with a 3.999-inch screen (diagonally) with a resolution of 640 x 1136, compared to the existing 640 x 960, 3.5-inch offering. The width of the screen would remain the same, but the device would be longer.

The Apple news site says it knows of two prototype iPhone 5 devices currently being tested and both of which sport the new screen size.

A key advatange of the new aspect ratio, which is close to 16:9, will be full-screen native video, but 9to5Mac reckons the company is planning to integrate an extra row of app icons on the homescreen, making five in total. It'll also allow for "extended application user interfaces that offer views of more content," according to the report.

The site added that it also believes current plans will see a smaller, redesigned dock connector, which will eventually graduate to all iOS devices.

Via: 9to5Mac