iPhone 5 release to see panoramic photo capabilities

iOS 5 code continues to out iPhone 5 secrets

Next-gen Apple handset to sport panoramic photo mode and 8-megapixel snapper?

Apple’s much anticipated iPhone 5 is to land sporting panoramic photo capabilities, a section of code discovered in the recently unveiled iOS 5 has revealed.

With iOS 5 officially unveiled earlier this week by Apple CEO Steve Jobs ahead of a formal release this autumn, a release that is expected to coincided with the repeatedly rumoured September arrival of the iPhone 5, the outed software update has revealed a number of features that will touch down alongside on the next-gen smartphone.

Whilst earlier code findings have revealed that the iPhone 5 will boast an 8-megapixel rear-mounted camera capable of shooting 1080p Full HD video content, the latest spot has revealed the handset’s snapper will also posses the ability to capture panoramic stills.

Although the code does not reveal exactly how the panoramic shots feature will work it is believed the additional function will operate in a manner similar to on those smartphones that already offer the service with users panning their handset across a landscape before the device stitches the resulting stills together into a single continuous image.

Will Apple’s eagerly awaited iPhone 5 top the smartphone charts or will its specs fall a few months behind the likes of the Android touting Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Sensation? Let us know what you think via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: GeekyGadgets