iPhone 5 release date & features news & rumours this week

Find out what's in store for Apple's new handset, as we round up the latest gossip

iPhone 5 release date & features news & rumours this week: find out what's in store for Apple's next-gen handset in our rumours roundup post

This week we've seen an abnormal amount of iPhone 5 release date, price & specs rumours emerge, so much so that we’re struggling to digest it all.

While we understand that each and every bit of gossip that surfaces should be taken with a pinch of salt, some of the news we’ve heard from Monday onwards has got us feeling all hot and bothered.

Want to know which ones we’re talking about? Of course you do. Here they are…

When is the iPhone 5 out?

One rumour that’s sent shockwaves through our ear cannels this week is of the possibility that Apple is releasing the iPhone 5 earlier than expected - August to be exact!

That’s right people, according World News Resource, we could be seeing the new iPhone land in our hand in August, despite previous reports it will launch either in September or October.

Taiwanese media claim the release date change is due to the recent news that Samsung’s smartphone market share has increased rapidly, while Apple’s has declined somewhat.

Who’d have believed it, the mighty Apple finally panicking about competitor handsets? Funny how things change, eh?

Sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have surpassed 10m in just 2 months, according to figures.

Now the world’s most valuable company is reportedly convinced potential customers will grow tired of waiting for the next iPhone and purchase a S3 instead.

Sources claim that Cupertino-based Apple has ramped up production on the mooted device in a bid to roll it out in the next 4 weeks (oh please God let it be true!).

iPhone 5 facing a battery dilemma?

While the above may be exciting news, the below is not.

According to rumours, Apple’s main battery supplier is struggling to pump out enough energy packs that are up to the Californian firm’s strict standards.

Apparently, just 30 per cent of Apple’s orders have been fulfilled, leading us to believe that the above rumour might be a bit of a porkie.

That’s according to a man who read something on a website that said something about the battery that probably came from another one of those anonymous sources.

T3 has already reported on this ‘story’ (that’s how in the know we are!) and, to be honest, we’re not sure what to make of it.

However, an expert has claimed that even if the report turns out to be accurate, the disgustingly rich Apple will have a plan in place to ensure nothing gets in the way of its precious iPhone 5’s launch date.

We just hope it’s true - we’re entitled to an upgrade real soon.

iPhone 5 to sport 4-inch display?

The Apple vs Android rumble is about to get even messier if the following rumour is true.

New images claiming to be of the iPhone 5’s front panel shows what has long been the subject of intense gossip – the blower's supposed pin sharp 4-inch retina display.

It’s believed Apple will introduce a larger LCD panel that integrates touch sensors, thus allowing the firm to make a slimmer and more compact device.

If true, it will be the largest screen ever to be found on an iPhone.

T3 understands that this move was also designed to help the iPhone take on the likes of the Galaxy S3 and HTC One X, both of which have sold extremely well across both sides of the pond.

That’s all for now folks. Remember, to keep checking back for the latest iPhone 5 gossip and if you’re looking to upgrade sooner rather than later, our roundup of the best smartphones will guide you in the right direction.