Apple iPhone 5 features leak with 16GB and 32GB handsets

iPhone 5 release to see black and white models land

Apple iPhone 5 release date to see the launch of 16GB and 32GB black and white handsets, according to a blunder by Vodafone that saw the iPhone 5 being included in a list of devices compatible with its SureSignal box

Ahead of the eagerly awaited and much hyped iPhone 5 release date smartphone network provider Vodafone has seemingly revealed a selection of upcoming iPhone 5 features.

In a recent online listing for its SureSignal network enhancing box Vodafone mentioned Apple’s much mooted iPhone 5 handset under the list of compatible handsets, sparking further speculation around an imminent arrival.

Adding to the rapidly growing and already expansive list of iPhone 5 rumours Vodafone suggested that the iPhone 5 release would see the iPhone 4 follow-up land with 16GB and 32GB storage options, not the 64GB filling that many are hoping for.

As well as revealing the handset’s storage capacity Vodafone’s listing claimed the iPhone 5 will be made available in both black and white colours schemes suggesting Apple is looking to rectify the white iPhone 4 fiasco that saw the lighter-hued handset delayed for several months.

Speaking with TechRadar following the supposed leak a Vodafone spokesperson said: "We're looking at how this listing appeared, but in the meantime we won't be commenting on any rumour or speculation."

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