iPhone 5: dual mode Apple mobile in testing

Apple working on CDMA/GSM handset

News will be welcomed by US punters.

Apple is set to make the iPhone 5 its first dual-mode handset, offering access to CDMA and GSM networks from one single device. The news has been unearthed by TechCrunch, which has laid it hands on evidence from app usage logs.

The information, passed on by an anonymous developer, shows that a small number of apps have been put through their passes by an iPhone 5 with CDMA and GSM smarts baked in.

This means Apple won’t need to release a separate CDMA device for US network Verizon, as it did earlier this year with the iPhone 4. Instead, international users will be able to switch between one mode and the other.

It’s yet more proof that the iPhone 5 is on its way. The exact release date is unknown, but expect to hear something official by the end of September. You can comment on this story at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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