iPhone 4S launch officially confirmed by Apple

Apple confirms iPhone 4S release at eagerly awaited iPhone event

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Next generation Apple iPhone to land as the iPhone 4S not the Apple iPhone 5? Leaked images of the mooted iPhone 4S would suggest so as pictures of the handset appear online

Following months of speculation and countless rumours Apple has officially unveiled the Apple iPhone 4S with the next-generation handset to be made available from October 14th.

Finally confirmed by CEO Tim Cook during the ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ event, the iPhone 4S is to land sporting the all new iOS 5 operating system as well as a fanciful selection of high-end specs including a dual-core processor.

Unveiling the new Apple handset Cook said: "Customers love iPhone, and it's consistently rated number one in every satisfaction rating I can find.” Despite the iPhone 4S landing with the same form factor as the iPhone 4 Cook insisted it is “entirely new” on the inside.

Apple iPhone 4S Specs
Looking to put itself back ahead of the market leading Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation XE Apple’s next-generation handset will sport the same 1GHz A5 dual-core processor chip found within the iPad 2 allowing for seven times faster graphics.

Confirming what was widely expected the iPhone 5 camera has been increased to an 8-megapixel offering with the ability to take macro snaps joined by face detection and 1080p Full video recording capabilities

Sporting the same form factor as the iPhone 4 which preceded it the iPhone 4S is to be made available in both black and white colour forms with the glass backed handset to once again land touting the company’s hugely impressive Retina disaply.

The first device to come preinstalled with the recently unveiled iOS 5 operating system the iPhone 4S will play host to full Twitter integration the new notifications system as well as improved mail functionality whilst a 64GB storage option is added to the former 16GB and 32GB offerings.

Apple iPhone 4S Release Date
With the iPhone 5 release date the most rumoured and talked about tech news in recent memory Apple has finally ended the ongoing speculation confirming the iPhone 4S UK release date will take place on October 14th with pre-orders to kick off later this week on October 7th.

Apple iPhone 4S Price
With many smartphone users holding off upgrades to wait and see what Apple unveiled next the iPhone price has been eagerly awaited by many, once again putting us out of our misery Apple has revealed the 16, 32 and 64GB iPhone 4S handsets will land with UK prices kicking off with the 16GB model at £499.

What do you make of the iPhone 4S unveiling, major improvements or major let down? Let us know via the comments box below.

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