iPhone 4 reception statement doesn't solve the issue

T3 Poll shows overwhelming disappointment in Apple

T3 readers cast their critical eyes over the feeble Apple statement

Apple’s newest smartphone handset, the iPhone 4, has polarised opinions even more than usual, as initial rumblings of reception issues eventually burst through into an official statement as consumers grew tired of vanishing signal.

In true Apple evasiveness, this detailed that yes, there is a problem with the iPhone 4, but not the one you might have expected. Apparently, the issue was that signal bars were not being displayed properly and not in fact diminishing signal. With many still left in the dark, and without signal, following the Apple statement, voting on the T3 poll: 'Is Apple right about the iPhone 4 signal?' has uncovered widespread disappointment in the Cupertino company.

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Having cast a critical eye over Apple's feeble attempt at a statement, a whopping 70 per cent of you think that Apple’s excuses for the iPhone 4 reception issues ‘don’t really solve the issue’ nor talk specifically on the actual cause of the fault. The remaining 30 per cent of you are split between ‘my iPhone 4 is fine, stop moaning’ (24 per cent), and a mere six per cent that think that Apple’s excuse seems ‘reasonable enough’.

The reception issues which become a global scandal just hours after the official launch of the iPhone 4 sees signal on the Apple handset drop to nothing when the phone is held in a standard manner that covers the lower left hand portion of the antenna-hosting outer case.

Whilst Apple is a company that is prone to splitting opinion and has as many haters as it does avid, die-hard fans, the results of the T3 poll clearly show the scale of the issue facing the fruity tech company. Infamous for creating desirable and aesthetically pleasing pieces of kit, the signal problems plaguing its latest smartphone is a blemish that Apple would like to quickly conceal. Based on the recent poll results, however, perhaps Apple could have done with a more direct, honest approach.

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