iPhone 4 problems: Apple recall? Live coverage

LIVE The countdown to Friday's press conference

Will Apple take the unheard of step of swallowing its pride and admitting it is wrong? LIVE coverage here throughout.

Gadget fans, we could be on the crest of an epochal happening in the history of our treasured pastime. Could Apple be about to take drastic action and recall its treasured iPhone 4?

The company has taken the unprecedented step of calling an emergency press conference in San Francisco tomorrow at 6pm UK time, where it will address the reception problems that have blighted the device since last month's launch.

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The so-called "grip of death", which causes users to lose signal and data connections when holding the device normally has caused a storm never seen before with one of Apple's flagship products.

Whether Apple offers iPhone 4 owners a refund, issues a full recall of the device or just tells us to go screw ourselves and stop whining, we cannot wait until tomorrow night's announcement.

We'll be covering the press conference live right here on Friday evening, so bookmark this post now. Until that point we'll be providing live updates in this very post, so keep refreshing the page for the latest gossip ahead of one one of the most anticipated statements in gadget history.

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