iPad will still be number one tablet in 2012, say researchers

iSuppli reckons Apple will still dominate despite new rivals

Android and Windows tablets won't be able to topple the planet's most sought after gadget.

The iPad will still be the number one tablet on the planet in 2012 according to new research by iSuppli. In a new report, the company reckons Apple’s current share of 74.1 per cent will slip back to 7.0.4 per cent on 2011, before sliding further to 61.7 per cent. That’s still mighty impressive.

iSuppli thinks Cupertino will still be kicking it at the top in spite of the release of new efforts, including the likes of the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab and the much-hyped BlackPad from RIM.

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“If recent history is any lesson, it will take some time for [rivals] to get their products to market, longer for them to offer necessary software support and infrastructure, and an even lengthier period to begin to rival the overall user experience Apple is able to deliver,” said Rhona Alexander, director of Monitor Research at iSuppli.

Whether these predictions become facts is up for debate, and surely Samsung, Google and others will have plenty to say about them. What do you think? Is Apple still going to be tablet king in two years time? Tell us your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

Via MacRumors