HTC Gold: Windows Phone 7 mobile for November

Gold leaked alongside stack of other top end handsets

Comprehensive leak points to HTC Gold and a slew of new phones from all top mobile makers.

Primed for Windows Phone 7? Course you are. And if you were wanting more proof that HTC will be among the first to load up a blower with the Big M’s new OS, here it is. A leaked roadmap has shown the so-called HTC Gold will be landing in November.

Previously rumoured, the Gold is yet to be detailed, but grabs the attention in a stunning list of next-gen phones nabbed by the guys at Omio. As well as this Windows Phone 7 winner, there’s also talk of the HTC Vision, the QWERTY-packing edition of the Desire, coming in October.

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Nokia is also joining the party in November with the E7, which is said to pack Symbian 3 and come with a full QWERTY and AMOLED display. Elsewhere, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 will finally arrive in October, with the BlackBerry Curve 9300 finally hitting these shores in August.

Exciting, huh? It’s the HTC Gold that’s got us really het up. If Windows Phone 7 can cut it, then this could be the must-have phone for those who can’t be doing with iOS4 or Android.

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Via Omio