HTC EVO sales top 300,000 despite stock issues

Lack of LCD displays limits US sales of 4G handset

Screen shortages slows sales of HTC EVO

The world’s first 4G touting mobile handset the HTC EVO has reportedly sold in excess of 300,000 units since its June launch in the US despite being troubled by stock shortages.

Whilst this is a very positive figure for both HTC and Sprint, the only network offering the 4G EVO, it is dwarfed by the 1.7 million units Apple sold of the new iPhone 4 in the handset's opening three days of global sales.

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Due to its 4G capabilities, a service not supported in the UK, the HTC EVO is exclusively available in the US and is unlikely ever to reach stores on this side of the Atlantic. However, the popularity of the EVO and the 4G network has prompted Sprint to extend its 4G coverage across multiple additional US cities.

Although demand for the HTC remains strong, supply shortages have now reached a critical point that HTC is blaming on a lack of 4.3-inch LCD displays used on the EVO being shipped by Samsung. Due to these extensive delays, HTC has struck up a partnership with Sony that will see the Japanese company supplying not only LCDs for future EVO handsets, but further upcoming HTC devices.