HTC Desire HD pictures, video and specs leak online

Successor to the Desire gets a hands-on ahead of launch

Image 1 of 2 HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire HD
Image 2 of 2 HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire HD

Headphone jack placement and touch-sensitive buttons among the changes

Those of you who’ve just picked up an HTC Desire may want to begin kicking themselves; a video and some specs of the Android king’s soon-to-be released successor – the Desire HD or ‘Ace’ - has leaked online, and it’s looking like a real contender.

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See the video below for a hands-on with the handset (and a funky soundtrack), but those interested in the Desire HD’s innards will be pleased to know that things are shaping up nicely. It’s built around 4.3 WVGA capacitive touchscreen, with the 1GHZ Qualcomm processor found in the current Desire. That beefy looking camera is an 8-megapixel number with the power to record 720p HD video, and it’s also got SRS surround sound and auto face-detection.

There are two major physical changes worth noting between it and the Desire: the first is that the headphone socket is located on the bottom rather than the top, and the second is that the four standard Android buttons have changed from tactile buttons to touch-sensitive numbers.

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