Fring iPhone app: Skype lashes out

Battle rages between two VoIP players

War over new video-calling app looms as Skype and Fring trade blows.

The new Fring iPhone app landed last week to much fanfare thanks to its 3G video calling skills. But just a few days in and already the VoIP company is engaged in a war of words with sometime friend and big time rival Skype.

See, Fring allows punters to use Skype within its apps, but turned off Skype support within its iPhone add-on over the weekend, citing excessive demand. It then said that when it wanted to turn Skype back on, Skype refused.

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Skype, however, says Fring has breached its terms of service and that such claims are not true. It has even said Fring has “damaged our brand and reputation” with the move, suggesting the removal of Skype from the app tarnishes its standing as top VoIP dog while Fring surges on.

What this means for Skype’s inclusion on other Fring apps remains unclear. But it seems this new iPhone app has created some powerful enemies while gaining thousands of fans.

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Via Mashable