Foxconn employee outs Apple iPhone 5 release plans

Apple's next-gen iPhone set to enter production with a new form factor ahead of a summer release

Once again sparking Apple iPhone 5 rumours new reports have suggested a Foxconn employee has outed the upcoming iPhone 5 release plan

The long awaited Apple iPhone 5 is on the cusp of becoming a reality with new reports from insider sources at the company's manufacturing plant suggesting the device is ready to enter production ahead of a summer Apple iPhone 5 release date.

Citing “a reliable source at Foxconn in China”, the manufacturer of Apple’s current iPhone 4S and iPad 2 models, Apple blog 9to5Mac has suggested that a number of iPhone 5 sample devices have been doing the rounds with production set to begin on the final model.

Whilst the source has failed to pinpoint any concrete features that are set to appear on the next-generation portable Apple blower they have reported that based on the varying collection of sample handsets the iPhone 5 specs will be bolstered by a new, larger display with a completely new form factor that does not feature the teardrop-shaped designs that have been doing the rounds.

Far from confirmed the claimed source has suggested that with the iPhone about to enter production the iPhone 4S replacement could return to Apple’s WWDC unveiling schedule and make an be officially unveiled this summer.

Apple iPhone 5 Rumours

Mooted since the arrival of the Apple iPhone 4 the iPhone 5 was expected to land last summer before being eventually replaced by the dual-core, improved camera and Siri packing Apple iPhone 4S.

Still one of the most talked about none existent devices a number of Apple iPhone 5 rumours have suggested the handset will sport and all new form factor with a potential quad-core processor to be joined by Apple’s voice commanded personal assistant Siri and a screen size upped from the current 3.5-inches to above the 4-inch marker.

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Via: 9to5Mac