Fable III bugs prompt Lionhead to set up a reporting page

If Fable III acts up, report it straight to Lionhead

Don't fret if you get a corrupted save game. Start a new one. And report it to Lionhead.

Fable III's Lionhead has set up a bug reporting page if any users are encountering problems with the popular role-playing game.

On Lionhead's blog, they've acknowledged that some people are facing technical issues. The blog says: "That's bound to happen of course with a game the size of Fable, our poor testers worked flat out but if something slips through the nets, then don't panic!"

If you indeed are facing any kind of technical glitch, Lionhead has made it easier with the reporting page. All you need to do is describe your issue, type of Xbox console you're using and other details they need to help with the problem.

The blog indicates that the page is being monitored on a daily basis and the testing and development teams are working towards releasing a patch in their next update.

However, there's no clear date on when the next update will be. The blog says, "There is no ETA on this, seeing as the process of game development is a slow, long and lonely one, so please bear with us. I hope to be able to update you in the near future."

Till then, all you can do, the blog says, is to start a new game if you come up against a corrupt save game.

Fable III is a RPG released for the Xbox 360 in October 2010. Voice talents in the game include Michael Fassbender, Stephen Fry and Simon Pegg. Fable III is set decades after the scenario in Fable II in the continent of Albion, where the player, through a series of events, leads a revolution to rule the lands. The game topped the UK gaming chart in its initial weekend.

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Source: Lionhead