BlackBerry Orlando: Curve gets a touchscreen

Orlando not to be confused with Curve Touch

BlackBerry bringing touchscreen to Curve model as part of wide-ranging shakeup.

Sure, you’ve already caught a glimpse of the BlackBerry Bold Touch. But if you’re not keen on a top-end ‘Berry, but do fancy a touchscreen with your QWERTY, RIM has something for you: the BlackBerry Orlando.

Somewhat idiotic moniker aside, the Orlando promises to be a great compromise for smartphone users. It rocks the same basic BlackBerry design as the Curve, but packs in a touchscreen as well, giving you the best of both worlds.

Confusingly, RIM is said to be working on a Curve Touch as well, dispensing with the physical keyboard completely. Chuck in two new non-touchscreen Curve-like models, the Sedona and Apollo, and you’ll see RIM really is looking to cover all bases.

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