BBC: iPlayer 3 heading for PlayStation 3 this year

Beeb reveals PS3 version of updated catch-up TV service

Plus: New functionality for iPlayer says Beeb

The BBC has announced that iPlayer 3 is coming to the PS3.

No official date has been given to suggest when the PlayStation 3 will get updated to the new version of the catch-up TV service, but it’ll definitely be this year, says the Beeb. The PS3 uses the same big-screen version of iPlayer as the latest Sony and Samsung TVs.

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Another inkling of iPlayer news comes in the shape of new functionality for the application, with a For You section tailored to your telly taste, pointing you to programmes you might be interested in.

There’s also going to be more social network integration, but it’s unclear at this stage whether the Facebook and Twitter incorporation will be seen on the PS3.

For all you 360 fans, no such luck as of yet, but a possible glimmer of hope for iPlayer access in the future. Simon Cross, a web developer at the Beeb, seemed hopeful that we’d see some developments on this soon.

"It's great what has been done with Facebook on Xbox Live, so I hope something similar can be done with the iPlayer."

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BBC, Sony (via TechRadar)