BA to give Apple iPad 2's to cabin crew

Replaces paper passenger manifest for the first time

British Airways has begun field testing iPad 2's as replacements for the old paper manifest while also offering passenger profiles, live seating layouts and special food requests

The airline has decided to make the move from paper to 'pad in a bid to not only provide 'better customer service' but also to better equip the cabin crew.

The iPad 2's are all 3G and have specialised software onboard which shows the full passenger manifest, where each passenger is sat and any special dietary requirements they might have. Not only that but the Apple tablets are fully laden with timetables, safety manuals and live customer service updates, meaning that even when the plane is on the runway, they'll still be getting information sent to them.

BA's head of inflight customer experience Bill Francis believes this is just the start however pointing out that 'the possibilities for future development are endless'. At present it's simply a trial with 100 staff testing out the scheme however BA is planning on bringing the tablets to all 1,800 senior cabin crew members in the next few months.

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