Apple's iOS 4.3 to get wireless sharing?

New iPhone rumoured to get internet sharing abilities

Sharing Wifi and iOS 4.3 on iPhone 4?

Potentially, some exciting news from Apple, as the iPhone may soon have iOS 4.3 and WiFi sharing capabilities.

The new versions of the hugely popular mobile come music player, come internet browser, come everything else you need, device, may have technology that lets you share WiFi connections around you, using the upgraded version of the iOS software, likely to be 4.3.

This means that no matter where you are, you’ll be able to tap into other WiFi connections around you to send those important emails or to check the even more important Facebook status.

The current iPhone, using iOS 4.2.1 software, is whispered to start using WiFi sharing when it upgrades to the talked about 4.3 version.

However, this does provide a tasty concept to the iPhone 4, hopefully Apple won’t disappoint its customers and the media twice in two days by not announcing what we want to hear, cross your fingers and toes everyone…