Apple prices up as VAT rise bites

iPad, iMac and MacBook costs soar

Cupertino chooses not to suck up new tax rise.

Apple has upped the price of all its products after VAT rose to 20 per cent here in Blighty at midnight. While many gadget purveyors are sucking up the tax hike in order to keep consumers on side, Cupertino has decided to pass it on to tech lovers instead.

Following the overnight rise, a basic 16GB Wi-Fi iPad costs £439, up from £429. The pricey Mac Pro has gone from £1,999 to £2.041. The iPhone, iPod touch and MacBook ranges have all been bumped up too.

While the rises aren’t too hefty, there’s a chance that sales could slow as punters across the UK look to tighten their belts. Apple, however, is clearly not too fussed.

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