Apple launches "Try before you buy" for Lite apps

New App Store section could combat app piracy

App Store critics answered with new section dedicated to 'Lite' apps.

Apple has added a new "Try before you buy" section to its mobile App Store, featuring the best free 'Lite' versions of applications in a bid to combat an increase in piracy.

It's fair to say the section is not as exciting as it first sounds. Apple isn't offering users free trials of its the App Store's most popular titles, but rather just repackaging the Lite versions and making them more visable.

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The move comes following complaints from many users that Apple doesn't give them the opportunity to sample the delights of the App Store before splashing the cash, which has meant many have turned to the darkside of illegal app sharing.

Apple's response is to create a very visable section, which is believes answers all of those worries, and proves that it's not just asking us to splash out £2.99 for a potential damp squib of an application.

So rather than offering new content, it's more of a means of shutting us up. Point taken.

Link: Apple (via 9 to 5 Mac)