Apple launch official Apple Store App for iPhone and iPad

New app allows store purchases and stock checks

In-app shopping from the Apple Store

Apple has launched the official Apple Store App, allowing iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to purchase Apple branded products direct from their current Cupertino devices.

Asides from being a mobile version of Apple’s official online store looking to prey on the loyalty of Apple’s existing customer base, the application will allow users to book appointments with their local Genius Bar staff, check stock availability in desired retail stores and even apply for one-to-one training with the latest Apple products.

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Aptly named the Apple Store, the new application will be free to download making it possibly just the second thing with an Apple logo not to cost over the odds, the first being the store’s free carrier bags.

Purchases made through the Apple Store App will be paid for directly though user’s iTunes accounts, furthering the possibilities of –in-app payments.

This app has surprised many in taking until now to arrive. Apple’s reasoning for launching the Apple Store App now, just days ahead of the arrival of the iPhone 4 is to allow users to use the former to buy the latter.