Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad top childrens' Christmas lists

Jobsian gadgets the must-have gift this festive period

Apple tops charts of must-have Christmas items

Buzz Lightyear and the usual feast of colourful plastic delights are to be shunned be children this festive period as Apple’s iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad top the Christmas wish-lists of five to 16 year olds, a new survey has revealed.

The study, carried out by Duracell, has shown that the must-have Apple gadgets are a hit with kids as much as their parents as the iPhone 4, latest iPod touch and market leading tablet the iPad are the first, second and third most popular items respectively on letters to old Saint Nick.

Overall 39 per cent of the 2,138 children questions said they were hoping for a piece of tech direct from the labs in Cupertino this festive period with the initially troubled iPhone 4 topping the most wanted charts of 14 per cent of those questioned. The iPod Touch followed closely with 13 per cent of requests and the iPad with 12 per cent.

Apple is not the only major tech player likely to feature on many letters to Santa this Christmas, however. Microsoft took fourth place in the survey with six per cent of the vote for its upcoming Kinect motion control gaming peripheral and was accompanied by the Flip video camera in sixth with four per cent of the vote and Sony’s PlayStation Move gaming accessory in eighth, also with four per cent.

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