Apple iPhone alarm bug emerges as UK clocks change

Users left asleep as alarm fails to recognise new clock

Apple leaves iPhone users sleeping

A bug in Apple’s iPhone has reportedly cost thousands of users an hour of their lives and resulted in missed appointments as the handset’s alarm failed to recognise the change in the clocks over the weekend.

Whilst the timekeeper on the portable Apple blower had no-problems auto-adjusting to the European clock changes, numerous user reports have revealed recurring pre-set alarms were delayed by an hour as the handsets alarm system continued to run to the previous time zone.

The problem, which was originally reported by iPhone users in Australia and New Zealand back in September when their clocks moved forward, is currently awaiting a fix that Apple suggests will come with iOS version 4.2 later this month.

Advice given to iPhone users unable to make use of this additional hour in bed each day is to set alarms daily instead of relying on recurring ones. Oceania users reported that the fault corrected itself after a number of weeks.

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