Apple iPhone 5 the most awaited gadget of 2012

Apple's next-gen pocket blower beats the iPad 3 and Wii U to claim top spot

Having drifted into realms of forgotten hopefuls following the iPhone 4S release the Apple iPhone 5 is back with a bang as the most awaited tech of 2012

Apple’s next-generation smartphone has beaten out its larger scaled sibling the iPad with the Apple iPhone 5 officially announced as the most eagerly awaited gadget of 2012.

Following a survey of 1,916 members of the British public carried out by leading discount website MyVoucherCode Apple’s market dominating portable gadgets have proved the most eagerly anticipated with 74 per cent of those questioned stating they were looking forward to the launch of the iPhone 5.

With the potential consumers able to select more than one device Apple locked out second spot with the upcoming iPad 3 awaited by 71 per cent of those questioned. Nintendo’s Wii follow-on the Nintendo Wii U rounded out the top three of the best gadgets set to land in 2012 followed by the first own branded Google tablet and Apple iTV.

“It’s interesting to see which products are topping the list, and it’s perhaps unsurprising to see two Apple products up there,” said Mark Pearson, Chairman of “The world of technology is ever-changing, so there is always something new that consumers are looking for.

“Products such as the iPhone and iPad are always going to be popular, but the release of the Wii U looks set to be a big hit as it’s the first real upgrade that the console has had.”

Already available in the US the UK arrival of the Amazon Kindle Fire is the sixth most awaited tech launch of the year followed by the Sony PS Vita, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Google TV in spots seven through to nine respectively. Intel Ultrabooks completed the top 10.

What tech launch are you most looking forward to during 2012; do Apple’s portable products top your list of wannabe items? Let us know via the comments box below.