Apple iPhone 5 features: NFC coming to new iPhone?

Reports suggest PassBook to utilise NFC on next iPhone

With both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Nexus boasting NFC it would appear as though the new iPhone will jump on board utilising it through PassBook

The Apple iPhone 5 could well be coming equipped with NFC technology after it was reported that not only would the new iPhone 5 come with a higher-resolution screen but also have NFC tech.

9to5Mac found the first clues amongst code that is currently being written for two supposed iPhone prototypes that are making the rounds at Apple HQ.

According to the site Apple currently has two main prototypes which include a longer 640 x 1136 resolution screen measuring in at 4-inches. It's also believed that these prototypes have NFC on board.

Apple recently unveiled iOS 6 which contained a new app PassBook. Acting as a digital wallet PassBook can contain train tickets, vouchers, your Starbucks card and even plane boarding passes.

It's believed that when the iPhone 5 arrives later this year PassBook will utilise this to add even more functionality to the app however this hasn't been confirmed.

Source: 9to5Mac