Apple iPhone 4S SIM problems reported

It would appear as though the iPhone 4S has another flaw

And so it continues, Apple's latest iPhone has been plagued by supposed issues and problems and now the SIM-card appears to be a cause for woe..

A thread has grown on the Apple support site in which many people are complaining of their iPhone 4S not being able to read their micro-SIM's resulting in the smartphone being unsable.

The thread has already accumulated over 200 posts with well over 30,000 people having viewed the problem page suggesting that this could be an issue which will become much more widely acknowledged. The common trend appears to be that the iPhone 4S works fine, gets warm and then it refuses to read any micro-SIM then inserted into the device.

Some more technologically minded Apple users are suggesting that it could be a fault with the SIM-card reader, implying the heat has caused the circuitry to fry making the phone unusable.

This is just one of a long list of problems that has been plaguing the iPhone 4S with Siri causing hassle, the battery-life being poor and also issues with updating iOS.

Are you one of the unlucky few? Let us know if you're having problems with your iPhone 4S via the comments box below...

Source: Apple Support