Apple iPhone 4S micro-USB adapter launched

You'll be able to charge your iOS devices from a standard micro-USB cable

It wasn't exactly the most high profile product to come out of Apple's launch event last night, but this is a significant one nonetheless. The micro-USB adapter lets you charge your iPhone using a standard micro-USB cable, showing Apple is keeping its promise of standardising its charger ports for countries in the EU.

The £8 adapter snuck onto the UK Apple Store site unannounced, and will ship the same day as the iPhone 4S, October 14th. Considering how much Apple bigged up its Cards app, we don't know why the adapter didn't get more fanfare.

There have been third party micro-USB adapters for a while now, but this is the first official Apple version. And that £8 price tag seems very Apple to us. Let's just hope it comes bundled with the new iPhone 4S.

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Via Techradar.