Apple iPhone 4 makes it to T3 Gadget of the Year shortlist

Can wildcard entry overcome antennagate to topple HTC?

It's a clean slate. Shortlist voting opens today and it's iPad vs iPhone

The Apple iPhone 4 has made it to the final shortlist for T3's Gadget of the Year following a swell of support from readers ahead of the T3 Gadget Awards 2010.

The new Apple smartphone, released after our initial list was drawn-up, has made it into the reckoning despite a flurry of hype around the hugely controversial reception and data drop-off issues.

T3 has been inundated with requests from voters to add it to the running ahead of the final voting stage which begins today and takes its place in the final five as a 'wildcard entry'

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The iPhone 4 will now go up against the HTC Desire, the Samsung C9000 series 3DTV, Sky HD+ 1TB service and set-top box and, of course, the Apple iPad Wi-Fi +3G model for the big prize at the Gadget Oscars on October 11th.

Can the iPhone 4 overcome antennagate to scoop the biggest prize in the tech world? Can Apple claim lordship over the smartphone world by ousting the HTC Desire? And is the iPad now the new jewel in Apple's crown? It's up to you, and our expert team of judges, to decide by voting in the T3 Gadget Awards now.

This year's T3 Gadget Awards produced an overwhelming 250,000 votes as we narrowed down the catergories from 10 nominations to five, but now the race is really on. The deck has been swept clean, so it's time to vote again for your favourite tech.

In other categories HTC will do battle with Apple in now less than five categories, while gaming giants Sony and Microsoft will go head to head with Kinect and Move battling for innovation of the year.

“We are seeing some interesting trends in this year’s shortlist, with competition fiercer than ever,” says Luke Peters, Editor of T3 magazine.

“With Sony’s PlayStation 3 going up against Microsoft’s new Xbox, this Christmas is going to be more important than ever to the games industry.

"Apple has already wowed us all this year with the iPad, but there are a host of other equally impressive new innovations and companies in this year’s awards shortlist. It will be interesting to see who picks up the Retailer of the Year award, with a real focus this year on bigger online stores such as Amazon and"

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