Apple iPad Sales Ban: Apple overturns Motorola injunction

Apple has overturned a ban on iPad and iPhone sales less than 24 hours after the injunction was enforced

The latest move in a long standing and constantly evolving patent battle, Apple has been awarded a temporary suspension of a new iPad sales ban

Apple has overturned an injunction awarded to Motorola yesterday preventing the Cupertino based company selling its iPad tablets via online stores in Germany.

The latest twist in a continuing patent saga being waged in the Bavarian nation, Apple has been awarded a temporary suspension on an iPad sales ban less than 24 hours after the injunction was first awarded to Apple’s soon to be Google owned hardware rival, Motorola.

Apple iPad Banned

Deemed to have infringed on a 3G signalling patent held by Motorola Mobility, a ruling in German courts yesterday barred Apple from selling iPad 2, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 devices via its own official online store in Germany, a country that has fast become a hotbed for the on-going patent lawsuits being fought out by some of the world’s biggest tech companies.

"All iPad and iPhone models will be back on sale through Apple's online store in Germany shortly,” an Apple spokesperson said following the awarding of the temporary suspension. "Apple appealed this ruling because Motorola repeatedly refuses to license this patent to Apple on reasonable terms, despite having declared it an industry standard patent seven years ago."

Motorola is believed to have already started action to have the temporary suspension halted in an attempt to once again see a ban introduced on Apple iPad sales in the European nation.

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Via: AllThingsD