Apple investigating iPhone 3G iOS 4 issues

Niggles being 'looked into' by Cupertino

Sluggish performance and raft of complaints prompt Apple to act.

Apple is ‘looking into’ problems being suffered by the iPhone 3G when it’s upgraded to iOS 4. A raft of reports have recently suggested the two-year-old phone cannot cope with the latest software update.

Cupertino has been forced to act following complaints that iOS 4 causes the mobile to become sluggish, lose battery life quickly and take an eternity to load up apps.

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Word is that iOS 4.1 will actually go some way towards fixing the problem, although some developers have said that this is not the case. Apple has been keen to stress in the past that iOS 4 will not run as well on ageing devices such as the iPhone 3G.

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Via Macrumors