Apple iCloud in legal battle with German company

German company says Apple is 'holding out' till iCloud release

Despite the fact it hasn't even been officially unveiled, iCloud and Apple are already in hot water.

Just hours before the iCloud service is announced in LA, Apple has apparently come under the scrutiny of the German legal system after German company Simfy said their rival product was being delayed approval by Apple until after iCloud is released.

The German company has complained to their equivalent of the British competition authority the Bundeskartellamt saying that Apple is deliberately stalling the approval of their product. Simfy say this is because their product could be seen as a rival to the iCloud service which will be announced later today.

Simfy offers a service very like that of Spotify and is only available in certain European countries. It offers over-the-air streaming of music on mobile-devices, online and on the desktop. Simfy is looking to expand this further with an app in the Mac App store, but as yet, no approval has been granted.

Source: TheNextWeb