Apple HDMI adapter: iPhone 4, iPod touch and original iPad supported

Beam HD video from all iOS gadgets

New adapter touted at iPad 2 launch event works across iOS range.

Apple’s new HDMI adapter will work across all current iOS devices and not just the iPad 2. That means you’ll be able to fire off HD clips to your TV if you stump up for the add-on.

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The iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th gen and iPad can all handle the HDMI connector, officially dubbed the Apple Digital AV Adapter. It’ s set to cost $39 across the pond, although UK price is currently MIA.

The Apple Digital AV Adapter was unveiled alongside the iPad 2 last night. The new slate comes in white or black and crams in the latest iOS 4.3 software, along with a slimmer, lighter frame and dual cameras for FaceTime action.

Is this HDMI extra enough to tempt you to buy an iPad 2? Or would you rather HDMI was built right in? Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.