Angry Birds developer planning to float on the NYSE

Could Rovio become the App store's biggest success story?

Angry Birds Developer, Rovio, to launch aerial attack on NYSE

Rovio, the gutsy Finnish developer behind the runaway sensation that is the Angry Birds franchise, revealed recently that it has big plans and intends to float on the New York Stock Exchange.

After an impressive round of funding backed by Accel Partners, the venture capital firm that spotted Facebook in its infancy, Rovio has raised $42m in backing.

Spurred on by the company's resounding success, Chairman of the Board, Kaj Hed has told Finnish magazine Talouselämä "Our goal is to become number one in the world". Whilst Hed may seem slightly optimistic at this early stage, his figures are certainly impressive with Rovio pulling in upwards of $50m in revenue from downloads, stuffed toy sales and licensing deals.

Keen to continue expanding, Rovio has taken Angry Birds just about everywhere with a release on the PS3 in January and plans to enter the social gaming space of Facebook in May. However the question remains, are they actually diversifying or simply growing the same tired brand - how long will the world remain transfixed by our fun, feathery friends?

Will Rovio become the next Wall Street wonder or will another app come along and steal our fickle hearts?
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Via: TheNextWeb