Android Market to overtake Apple's App Store in August

Android to offer more apps than Apple this summer

Google to take Apple's mobile application mantle

Google’s Android Market is to overtake Apple’s App Store in the terms of the number of available applications as early as August, a new study has found.

Based on recent trends, the study, carried out by German firm Research2guidance, has found that despite a slow start to its life, the Android Market’s growth is now outstripping that of Apple’s iOS offering with the Google service set to take the lead this summer.

Starting this month with almost 1,000 fewer mobile and tablet applications than Apple, 294,738 to 381,062, Google’s Android operating system and app market is expected to surpass its fierce rival in August when both platforms are expected to top the 425,000 app milestone.

Having topped Apple’s offering of free applications recently, the Android Market, which has just 36 per cent of its apps as paid for content, will now look to end the Cupertino company’s reign as the dominant force in mobile applications.

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Via: PCWorld