Android Honeycomb and Gingerbread form Ice Cream

Latest Google OS combines features from both OSs

Google's next Android OS will blend Honeycomb and Gingerbread into delicious new recipe.

With most of the biggest announcements and surprises of Mobile World Congress now behind us, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt left MWC with a parting shot: that Google's next iteration of its Android OS would merge aspects of both tablet-centric Honeycomb and current smartphone standard Gingerbread into a new OS which "will start with an I" and "be named after a dessert".

While we welcome updates to Google's Android, Schmidt is also apparently worried that the irregular spacing of new iterations of Android is fragmenting the OS, to combat which he also announced that Google would move to a more regular system of updates coming every six months.

Other than vague promises of combining the two current OSs, there haven't been any details on exactly what to expect from Android 2.4 Ice Cream. However, with this new six month timeframe imposed by Schmidt, expect to find out sometime in June or July this year.

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