Android Gingerbread set for 11 November

New version of OS out this Thursday?

Sources claim 'Android 2.3' is just around the corner.

The much-hyped and oft-touted Android Gingerbread update, Google’s next-gen edition of its mobile OS, is set to land this week according to inside sources.

IntoMobile has the scoop from a ‘trusted source’ which says Gingerbread, codenamed Android 2.3 and not Android 3.0 as some had expected, will be good to go on Thursday. Google is already testing a slew of devices using the latest version of the operating system, as well as sticking a Gingerbread Man outside its Stateside campus. Who needs hard facts when a life size version of a classic biscuit is on show?

That said, some updates to Google Maps do give an idea of the updated look of Android, while a mooted Samsung press conference was set to show off the so-called Google Nexus Two. It appears that the latter has been delayed, however, owing to major hardware concerns in the final testing stage.

At last, though, Android Gingerbread is imminent. Can Google nail the rollout this time? Or will thousands of phones end up stranded on older software as mobile makers struggle to work out how to make the new OS play nice with their blowers? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via IntoMobile