Best gift ideas for Mum and Dad 2014

Buying for the parents? We got your back

If you're searching for the best gift ideas for your dad, or looking for perfect presents for your mum, look no further. We've compiled the perfect parent purchasing guide, so you can buy with confidence.

Parents love techy presents, they just don't know it yet. Just take once glance at your Dad's face as you hand over the latest power tools, or the look of glee from your mother as she opens her Jamie Oliver Home Cooker, and the result will be clear: tech just won again.

Motorola G

A load of phone, for a little money, the Moto G is the perfect first smartphone if you want to bring your folks into the 21st century. The 720p display is bright and crisp, plus the quad-core processor makes light work of Android. There’s no gaudy skin covering up the simplicity of Android, instead it’s the way Google intended and much snappier for it.

Price: From £139 | Motorola

RNLI Pouch

If you’ve got your parents some tip top tech for the festive period, add in one of these handy pouches to ensure everything is kept ding free. Being waterproof, they can stick their phone or whatnot inside and worry about it no more. Plus, you’ll be raising money for the RNLI, which is always nice.

Price: From £4.95 | RNLI

Canon Ixus 255 HS

While it may look like any other Ixus camera Canon has produced in the last 10 years, the 255 HS is a real five-star treat. Pictures are detailed and virtually noise-free, the 10x zoom is useful and the addition of Wi-Fi ensures pictures are easily sharable. Sensor wise this dinky cam packs 12 million pixels and captures video at 1080p. A great all-rounder and will turn your Christmas day snaps into something you won’t have to instantly delete.

Price: £199 | Canon

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Even if your Mum and Dad aren’t the most technologically gifted people of all time, the new Kindle HDX doesn’t mind. With its Mayday feature and a few taps, the device is connected to one of Amazon’s UK customer service departments, complete with video and on-screen tutorials. Your Mum will be a techno whiz in no time. A Snapdragon 800 processor, lovely display and easy access to Amazon’s infinite storefront just complete the package.

Price: £199 | Amazon

Sage Nutri Juicer Plus

This 1.2 litre capacity juicer comes with the seal of approval from the king of molecular gastronomy, Heston Blumenthal so you know it’s going to be good. There’s an extra wide chute for large chunks of fruit, 5 speed settings and a super powerful 1300w motor. It’s a little large, but does have a nice, industrial look about it.

Price: £199.99 | Sage

Loake Burford

Fully lined with leather, equally impressive insoles and pin point designed details complete this boot to striking standards. Each is hand-crafted in eight steps, from cutting to trimming and dressing. They’re approved by the Queen as well, which is always sweet. These are a proper sturdy pair of boots any fashionable father will be proud of.

Price: £220 | Loake

John Lewis sommelier set

All pop needs to serve up his latest Laithwaites purchases, replete with lengthy anecdote about the excellence of their customer services.

Price: £25 | John Lewis

Motocaddy S3 Pro Digitial

The ultimate golfing companion, this award winning, motorised trolley rumbles along next to you, calculating distances as it goes. A lost-ball timer means dad can rightfully penalise opponents –rules are rules, old bean.

Price: £400 | Motocaddy

Fisher F4

This metal detector is the Rolls-Royce of Roman coin finding. A plethora of digital readings and dials will light up even the most grim and rainy fields.

Price: £330 | Fisher

Lavazza A Modo Mio Favola by AEG

Two iconic coffee related brands + pod convenience + ace milk frother = ultimate caffeine-based pressie.

Price: £200 | AEG

Bosch PMF190

Dad already has a drill, and will talk about it at length over dinner. He probably doesn’t have one of these multifaceted cutters and sanders, designed for tight corners, though.

But he needs one…

Price: £75 | Bosch

Breaking Bad

The complete series on Blu-ray proves that middle-aged guys can still do it. And by “it” we mean “deal drugs, murder people and ruin countless lives”. Yup.

Price: £82 | AMC

Delkim EV Plus

Anglers have the same welcoming attitude to tech as a 15th-century village during witchcraft hysteria. They do, however, embrace Belkin’s super-reliable electronic bait alarms, with accurate indication of line vibration and adjustable sensitivity.

Price: £60 | Delkim

Husqvarna 436Li

Fathers like nothing better than prosumer grade tree surgery. This electric-powered chainsaw is quieter and easier than petrol but equally harsh on errant branches, with a durable, brushless motor.

Price: £315 | Husqvarna

Cat B15

Ultra-rugged Smartphone may coax pops away from his oftstated conviction that, “I just want a phone that makes phone calls.”

Price: £270 | CAT

Jawbone Mini Jambox

Give mum’s “classics” the airtime they deserve with this wireless speaker. This will muster up ten hours of Wham’s Last Christmas on single charge. Joy.

Price: £150 | Jawbone

Apple TV

The simplest way to smarten Mum’s telly, with instant access to Netflix and You Tube not to mention the entire iTunes store for on-demand movies and box sets in HD.

Price: £99 | Apple

Verilux UV-C

For the hygiene obsessive who has everything, this magic UV sanitising wand eliminates 99.9 percent of germs from practically any surface, slaying bacteria, mould and mites without recourse to bleach.

Price: £54 | Verilux

Bolt FroliCat

A random laser-firing tabby tormentor. What better gift for the lady who replaced you with Mr Moggins the very moment you left home?

Price: £20 | Bolt

Jamie Oliver Home Cooker

This all-in-one, worktop-based mum replacement chops (with the Cutting Tower add-on), stirs and cooks a bunch of meals approved by him off telly.

Price: £250 (Cutting Tower £100) | Philips


Having been invented by the boffins at Fujifilm, Asta lift is fast achieving cult status in the beauty world. This mega face cream offers a concentrated hit of ultra-powerful age defying haematococcuspluvialis oil, which can only be a good thing.

Price: From £26 | Astalift

Muji Diffuser

Banish overpowering candles and hateful plug-in fragrances. Replace them with this fragrant essential-oil diffuser, which will fill any room with a mist of subtle parfum.

Price: £45 | Muji

Panasonic EH-NA30 NanocareIonity

Here’s the science bit: by splitting water particles, this hairdryer increases the moisture content of hair as it dries, making for stronger, glossier locks.

Price: £70 | Panasonic


Attach this teeny GPS tile to anything and instantly track it with any iOS device and an app. Simple, elegant and safe, it means she need never lose her keys/ handbag/ false teeth again.

Price: $19 each | Tile app

Orée keyboard and Touch Slab

Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad, hand-tooled lavishly in solid maple or walnut. Attractive, practical, and the ’board offers a choice of fonts and layouts.

Price: €150 each | Oree

Parrot Flower Power

This app-controlled plant sensor monitors moisture content, temperature, light and even fertiliser levels, calculating the best time to water your shrubs, all year round.

Price: £50 | Parrot

Angelcare AC1100

A new mum in your midst? This system lets her watch baby closely, with a movement detecting mat and sound sensor plus night vision, all from a hi-def, 2.75-inch touchscreen.

Price: £250 | Angel Care