Best gifts for him 2015

Searching out presents for men? Let us be your manly guide

If you're short of gift ideas for your husband, brother, friend, boyfriend or same-sex partner, we've got him covered. These are the tech presents that all men will covet. Alternatively, buy them all for yourself; we won't judge.

Buying for the man that has it all is never easy, which is why we've come to the rescue with a heap of top tech gifts. From the latest cool gadgets to the best gifts that simply boast cutting edge tech, this is the ultimate tech-head's wishlist.

Mango bikes

Custom built to order in a multitude of colours (this one is described as "Fresher Bullhorn", which sounds like a rising Hollywood starlet), these bikes are not only unique to the recipient, but also light, speedy, easy to ride and, most crucially, cheap as chips.

From £299.99 | Mango

Sony PS4 Arctic White

Hardly needing an introduction, Sony’s next-gen console is a beast with an ever growing library of top games. And now it comes in ‘Arctic White’, if that floats your boat.

£349.99 | Playstation

Marshall Stanmore Pitch Black

Marshall's Stanmore speaker is so loud, we could barely get to halfway on the volume knob before it blew us out of the window. Now comes in a particularly manly 'pitch black' theme too.

£400 | Marshall

AirWheel Q3

Guess what we found? That's right, a bonkers battery-powered unicycle. Learning to ride this crazy contraption will leave you battered and bruised, but it's a stupid amount of fun.

£800 | Airwheel

Rega RP3 turntable

Rega’s award winning turntable is high-performance, but elegant with it. The 24V motor is uniquely tuned for each unit, minimising vibration and giving you that clean, authentic vinyl sound.

£475 | Rega

Fitbit Charge

Fitbit's latest activity-tracking watch, the Charge, tracks and logs your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and even how many floors you've climbed – all displayed on a single-line OLED readout, and it also has automatic sleep logging. Conveniently, it can connect to iPhone, Android or Windows Phone devices and display incoming calls.

£100 | Fitbit

Smarter iKettle

Yes, it works via Wi-Fi, but this is also a smart, premium kettle, with multiple temperature settings as well as the ability to boil it from anywhere in the house. For what more could a connected chap wish?

£99 | WiFi Kettle

Tado Smart Thermostat

Tado cuts your heating costs while you're out, tracking you via your mobile and only firing things up again as you get nearer home. Weather forecasts inform you when and when not to activate warmth and your Dad won't be able to fiddle with it. Result.

£199 or £4.99 per month rental | Tado

Henge iPad & iPhone Dock

Constructed from Zinc alloy and weighing in at a hefty 1.2 kilos, this is the finest way to proudly show off your spanking new iPad Air 2. Swappable inserts mean it’ll work with all but the heftiest of cases, and it’ll sit pretty when you upgrade too.

$74 | Henge

Shore Poole

Inspired by seaside towns around Britain, the simple aesthetic of Shore’s design and interchangeable straps make them an easy choice whether you’re dressing up or down. This one features a silver plated outer case, crystal sapphire glass coating and a beach themed light blue strap.

£115 | Shore Projects

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Adidas Predator Crazylight and Smartball/Speed_cell

Want to kick a ball like a pro? Then get a sprinkling of Adidas' latest smart football technology. The featherweight Predator Crazylight boots combine with the activity-tracking Speed_Cell which measure your pitch performance, and the Smartball which gives you real-time feedback and tutorials on your kicking technique, allowing you to master the game.

£220 (Crazylight), £220 (Micoach Smartball), £52 (Speed_cell) | Adidas

Bower and Wilkins T7

Most Bluetooth speakers are hardly worth writing home about when it comes to design, yet the T7 is one of slickest and sexiest we’ve seen all year (and we see a lot of Bluetooth speakers, we can promise you that). Part of the design actually helps the sound quality too, the honeycomb like pattern around the edge is a Micro Matrix, which reduces vibration and distortion, a problem we frequently see with portable speakers like this. It sounds great too, but then you’d expect that when it costs £300 and comes from B&W.

£300 | Bowers and Wilkins

Elgato Avea

Light switches are dead… a tap of an app is the new way to bathe your room in light. Elgato’s smart LED bulb beams out a myriad of colours and boasts a bunch of relaxing presets.

£39.95 | Elgato

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

Combining a classy, leather construction with a very well thought out design, Bellroy’s Note Sleeve is a compact, yet roomy place to store all your cards and cash. With a space for notes, a tucked away card compartment and even a dedicated microSD or sim card pouch, it’s like they’ve thought of everything. It’s available in a load of colours too, which is always nice.

£65 | Bellroy

Astro A40 gaming headset (Xbox One/PS4)

Gaming cans that’ll not only pump Dolby 7.1 surround sound right into your eardrums, but put you in full control of the audio with a dedicated amp and mixer dial.

£200 | Astro

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Philips Hue Iris

Light your room to suit your mood. Maybe red and green for Christmas day, then purple and grey to represent subsequent bloating and family tension. There are 16 million colour variations, preset and user-defined “scenes” and, of course, control via a mobile device – so much easier than lightswitch. Ahem.

£125 | Philips

Marshall Fridge

Fridges are boring, well they all are except this rock infused Marshall version, which mimics the British company’s classic amplifier, yet keeps your Christmas drink selection ice cold.

£399 | Marshall

Zeal Optics Z3 Live

More like a smartphone strapped to your face than a pair of goggles, the Z3 Live could be the ultimate sports wearable – featuring GPS-tracking and an in-goggle 16:9 viewfinder, you can instantly view speed, altitude, distance; and when connected to a smartphone, check your calls and texts as you speed down the mountain. Don't fall off though!

£500 | Zeal

Goji Smart Lock

The Einstein of locks, Goji takes picture of visitors and sends them to your smartphone, keeps a log of all lock activity and you can even set specific dates and times and send the access details to visitors – so no more need to meet up to give spare keys to Airbnb guests, for instance.

$278 | Goji

Stax SRS-2170 headphones

Far more than your normal pair of ‘phones, Stax’s ‘Earspeakers’ may look like something stolen from a Lancaster Bomber pilot, but electrostatic drivers make these incredibly high-performance.

£800 | Stax

Dualit Dual-Max juicer

A wide opening makes juicing easy – you don’t wanna be julienning carrots at 7am before work. “Dual sieving” of your fruit means good extraction, and there’s a bit of steely Dualit style, too.

£99.99 | Dualit

Graef 2-slice toaster

The little brother of last month’s TechLife Test winner has a long slot, able to take two slices of small bread or one wide slice of boule, or what have you. Toasting is impeccably uniform.

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£90 | Graef

Natuzzi Re-Vive Performance Recliner

Straight from the lair of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the Re-Vive is built with naturally articulating joints, helping to aid any back and neck pain whilst you obliterate cocky 14 year olds on Call of Duty.

£2,950 | Natuzzi

Krups EA9010

However, the ultimate Xmas kitchen-tech gift for any bloke remains the bean-to-cup coffee maker. This black and silver barista’s dream machine boasts a big tank, touchscreen control and advanced thermoblock temperature control.

£1,300 | Krups

Koubachi Outdoor Plant Sensor

Never let another basil plant die a slow death again. The Koubachi monitors soil moisture, sunlight, light, temperature and more, sending alerts to your phone when your plants are desperately thirsty/scorched/in need of fertiliser.

€99 | Koubachi


Is it a Blu-ray player? Is it a streamer? No, it's an all-in-one 3D Blu-ray-playing soundbar home media music system with wireless 160w sub woofer.

£399 | LG

BT Smart Home Cam 100

Worried your cleaner is only squirting the sheets with Febreeze? Keep an eye on your home when you're out with this, which boasts a 93-degree field of vision and the ability to see in the dark. The iOS and Android apps are free, natch.

£100 | BT

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Samsung WW9600

This will analyse the weight of your loads, so it can work out the right energy and water levels, while a Smart Check monitoring system keeps a look out for problems ("Tissue! Argh!") and provides solutions via the always-watching iOS or Android app.

£1,699 | Samsung

Plantronics Backbeat Fit

Keep the tunes going no matter how much sweat you kick out with these perspiration-proof Bluetooth headphones from Plantronics. They're lightweight, lurid and have huge battery life, so you can listen to your music wirelessly even on Marathon-spec runs. They sound great, without blocking out traffic noise, and you get a smartphone-compatible armband case.

£78 | Plantronics

Sousvide Supreme

Perfectly cook anything protein-y, and firmer veg (fennel and the like) with this magical vacuum sealer ’n’ water bath combo. Heston Blumenthal loves his sous vide – any recipient of this will, too.

£435 | SousVide Supreme

Sage by Heston Blumenthal The Boss blender

…And speaking of the bulbous-headed micro-gastronomist, his latest wheeze is this entirely 2L, 2.2KW blender, able to render anything short of titanium into uniform and nutrient-packed mulch in seconds.

£500 | Sage

i-box Slix pocket-size Bluetooth speaker

A rugged, rechargeable and ridiculously small Bluetooth streamer packing a pair of 1.5-inch full-range drivers for bass punchy enough to blow a hole in your Levi’s.

£49.99 | i-Box

KEF M200

Hi-Fi quality via in-ear design, Kef’s M200’s deliver the kind of detailed and accurate sound normally found in premium over-ear cans. High grade bud, so to speak.

£149.99 | KEF

Le Creuset GS-600

An Activ-ball corkscrew makes opening wine bottles effortless. There’s also an aerating nozzle, a pump and stoppers for resealing in the unlikely event there’s anything left after lunch, and a foil cutter, for cutting foil.

£99 | LeCreuset